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Steps to Feeling Better

Both the small and big details matter when it comes to gathering clues and information about your health.  During the initial consultation, Dr. Madden will look over your forms and conduct an interview with you.  Dr. Madden believes that you know your body better than anyone and honors your perspective.  Your description of your health history, symptoms, health concerns, and treatment expectations will help him gain a more well rounded understanding of your unique pain experience.

*TIP: If you’re not good at explaining things in the moment, write a diary of any pain or symptoms that you experience (while your body is at rest and in motion) during the week before your visit.

Dr. Madden will perform a series of chiropractic examinations that test your reflexes and flexibility.  Standard neurological, orthopedic, postural, and physical tests will also be preformed to further evaluate your condition and overall health.  X-rays may also be taken and analyzed.  If you pay close attention to Dr. Madden’s findings, you can learn a lot about your own body, become more aware of your strengths and limitations, and gain a clear understanding of what your goals and objectives are for treatment.

Dr. Madden believes that each person’s pain experience and body is unique.  He will use the information that he gathers during your consultation and examination and design an individualized treatment plan that he thinks will yield the best possible results.  Dr. Madden may also recommend additional care with other medical providers.

You can choose to experience your first treatment after the conclusion of your first examination and assessment.  Dr. Madden will give you an overview of the different treatment options and explain how each one could benefit your current health condition.  Since all of the treatments are very interactive, you can be vocal about any concerns or discomfort that you may have with one particular style of treatment.  Dr. Madden will be happy to adapt or change his method of treatment so that you are comfortable and at ease at all times.

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