Welcome to the Chiropractic Center

Chiropractic care is a great alternative medicine modality that helps treat injuries in a mindful and proactive way without the aid of drugs or invasive medical procedures and surgeries.  A long term chiropractic health care regimen can also help improve and maintain good health and well being and prevent old injuries or illnesses from reoccurring.

At the Chiropractic Center, Dr. Peter C. Madden and his highly skilled team work closely together to help each patient meet their individual health goals and objectives.  Dr. Madden designs highly personalized treatment plans for each of his patients based on their needs and unique health conditions.  Dr. Madden is not rigid with his approach to chiropractic care and likes to go with the flow.  He will adjust and adapt his methods of treatment for each of his patients depending on their medical condition, comfort level, receptivity to different treatments, and the incremental improvements that he witnesses during and after each session.

Dr. Madden also believes that one of his true purposes as a doctor is to teach and inform.  In addition to his chiropractic care, Dr. Madden gives advice on how each patient can improve their health and lives outside of the office.  He provides each patient with information that will empower them to make informed decisions about their daily habits and routines, movements and posture, diet, and the overall outlook on their physical condition.  He also teaches helpful exercises and stretches that patients can do at home in between their appointments.

Dr. Madden’s “whole person approach” to chiropractic care ultimately allows his patients to accelerate and/or maintain their journey toward good health.  Please visit the Patient Center section of this website to learn more about what a patient can expect during their first visit and long term treatment plan.

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